27 Breaths is a live music and movement piece created and performed by composer Mathew Evan Taylor and choreographer Laurel Jenkins. Taylor and Jenkins inhale/exhale, push/pull, never simply breathe. Starting as a duet, this evening-length work expands to include a large cast of dancers and musicians. It is the first interdisciplinary piece created using Matthew Evan Taylor’s compositional system AfroPneumaism: a system where time and action are determined by the breath. Ultimately, this performance invites the audience to breathe with us. 

Full Video: 27 Breaths Work in Progress

Venues: The first section of this work has been performed at the New Directions Spring Arts Festival, and the Fall Faculty Forum at Middlebury College, VT,  as well as New Music on The Point in Leicester, VT, and the University of Vermont’s Lane Series in Burlington, VT.